Who Wrapped The Arc De Triomphe

Background Information

It was in the early morning of August 17th, 2020 that the world first heard of the astonishing news – Paris’ iconic Arc de Triomphe had been turned into a giant Christmas present. Suddenly, the air was filled with speculation – who was behind this extraordinary feat?
The monument, which stands as a memorial to French soldiers and is a symbol of peace and unity, had been completely wrapped in beige wrapping paper in the shape of a giant gift box. The surprise act was the talk of the town, with many marveling at the promotional stunt and wondering which organization had pulled it off.

Speculations and Responses

Initial speculations suggested the action had been taken by a local retailer or fashion enthusiast, keen to promote their brand. Theories began to flood social media, with some offering a more plausible explanation – that the action had been taken by a nonprofit organization or charity as part of a social awareness campaign.
Surprisingly, however, the group who had in fact taken the initiative remained silent. Prolonged silence, however, encouraged further speculation, with speculators theorizing that the action could be part of an upcoming Christmas movie or advertising campaign.

The Reveal

The suspense and curiosity only grew with time, until the company who had taken the action released an official statement. Upon further digging, it was revealed the act had been taken by a leading online retail giant – Asos. The bold move was part of the company’s wider Christmas campaign, designed to spread holiday cheer amidst the difficult times and encourage local communities to shop online with Asos.

Impact and Reactions

The news was met with a positive response from the public, with many praising Asos for taking such a daring initiative and using their resources to promote the holiday season. Although some were of the opinion that the stunt was inappropriate, the response to the news was overwhelmingly positive, with many acknowledging the company had succeeded in promoting a positive and uplifting message during a dark and bleak moment.

The Unseen Factors

While the spectacular feat was an incredible sight to behold, what often goes unnoticed is the sheer amount of strategizing and planning that goes into a stunt of this magnitude. The company had to carefully coordinate with local officials, ensure the safety of the monument, arrange transportation, and make sure the event was complaint with the local laws.
The expertise required for undertaking the project was immense, as the gargantuan task could not be completed without the help of leading architects, engineers, and professionals specialising in events and logistics.


The cost of undertaking such a extraordinary feat would have been immense, considering it involved wrapping the entire structure and transporting the wrapping to the monument site. This task would require an army of recruiters, an assortment of vehicles, and an incredible amount of hard work and energy.
However, the Asos team successfully completed the task without any hiccups or flaws, displaying great expertise in the maneuver and a impressive capacity to organize a massive event. It goes to show the remarkable lengths the company has gone to ensure a successful campaign this Christmas.

Innovative Approach

The idea of wrapping a monument as massive as the Arc de Triomphe could have seemed impossible, yet the Asos team managed to pull it off in a successful and timely manner. The wrapping served an innovative and memorable way to advertise the company’s Christmas campaign, while still treating the monument with the utmost respect and care.
In an age where conventional forms of promotion and advertisement are becoming obsolete, such a move serves as a testament to the company’s forward-thinking approach towards marketing and PR.

Legal Aspects

One of the main challenges the team had to face was obtaining the relevant legal permissions for the stunt. The issue was further complicated by the fact the monument is a protected heritage site, thus any activity had to be with regards to heritage regulations.
Fortunately, the Asos team managed to solve the issue without any troubles and pulled off the stunt without any complications or issues. The legal team deserves a special mention here, as getting the necessary permissions would have taken long hours of negotiations and deliberation.

Social Perspective

From a social perspective, Asos’ response to the stunt has been an overall positive one. There have been reports of charities and local organizations donating wraps to local hospitals, shelters, and old age homes, in line with the company’s ‘Gift Wraps for Good’ initiative.
The company also committed to launching a series of events, with the donations going towards supporting local initiatives and charities. Such a move proves the dedication of the organization when it comes to providing help to those in need in their own communities.

Wrapping the Monument

When it comes to wrapping the Arc de Triomphe, the Asos team had to take numerous critical factors into consideration. First, the paper had to be heat and water resistant; second, it had to be environmentally friendly and would have to be carefully removed at the end of the campaign; third, the wrapping had to be stored in its paper form to be reused.
Apart from these factors, the team had to also consider the sheer size of the job at hand – the monument requires over 6,000 square metres of wrapping paper to complete. Such a feat would require a significant amount of manpower and logistical expertise, which could only be achieved with a team of highly skilled professionals.


The design of the wrap was also incredibly important, as it had to serve to spread holiday cheer while also staying true to the heritage of the monument. The design, which was primarily beige, consisted of festive prints and patterns that would both capture the spirit of the season and evoke a sense of nostalgia – perfect for the historic setting of the Arc de Triomphe.
The print served to bridge the divide between the past and the future and acted as a visual embodiment of a symbolic gesture of solidarity and togetherness. The motifs and prints also served to evoke in viewers a sense of yesteryear and offer a reminder of the good times.


Overall, the Arc de Triomphe stunt proved to be an impressive feat and was the talk of the town in the days following the event. It is clear that a tremendous amount of effort and planning had to go into a stunt of this magnitude and the people involved should be highly commended.
The success of the campaign and the overwhelmingly positive response of the public further serves to prove the power of creativity and innovation. It also serves as a reminder that, especially in moments of despair, creative expression can offer a ray of hope and put a smile on people’s faces.

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