Who Flies To Kilimanjaro Airport

Aircrafts that Serve Kilimanjaro Airport

The Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) is located in the northern Tanzanian city of Moshi and services the many passengers that come through the country. It is Tanzania’s second largest airport and the gateway to the northern and western parts of the country. The question that often comes to mind is, who flies to KIA? Well, there are several airlines that serve the airport.
The largest airline that serves Kilimanjaro International Airport is Precision Air, also known as Tanzania’s national flag carrier and Africa’s most reliable airline. Precision Air provides service to a variety of destinations worldwide including Nairobi, Bombay, Kigali, and Johannesburg. In addition, they offer flights in East, West, and Central Africa, providing easy access to Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia.
Other carriers that serve Kilimanjaro Airport include Air Tanzania, FastJet, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and Airkenya. Air Tanzania is the official Tanzanian national airline, offering services to various international destinations like Nairobi and Entebbe. FastJet is a low-cost Tanzanian based carrier, operating domestic flights to and from KIA. Kenya Airways operates service to Nairobi and other international airports like Amsterdam and London. Ethiopian Airlines is the largest airline in Africa with services spanning the continent. Last but not least, Airkenya provides services to domestic airports such as Dar es Salaam and Mombasa, in addition to international airports in Nairobi and Mauritius.

Airport Facilities and Services

Kilimanjaro International Airport has several facilities and services available to its travelers. The airport has a range of retail stores from duty free shops, souvenir shops, jewelry stores, and tobacco shops. There is a bank located within the terminal, providing easy access to travelers looking to exchange their money.
KIA also provides a number of restaurants for passengers. Some of these establishments include Waridi, a Tanzanian restaurant serving local and international dishes, Gandi, a 24-hour international cafe, and Dawa Bar, a casual restaurant that serves pastas and burgers.
KIA also has plenty of parking options available. The public parking lot is located in front of the airport, providing ample space for travelers to safely park their car. The parking fee is calculated by the hour and passengers can pay using Tanzanian shillings, Euros, or American Dollars.
The airport also has a number of comfort features. These include modern bathrooms, comfortable seating with power outlets, several charging stations, and Wi-Fi access.

Airport Security

Kilimanjaro International Airport is one of the few African airports that have implemented an advanced security system. KIA has implemented the latest security measures, including a strict pre-screening process which is conducted by the National Airports Authority and is augmented by the Security Department. It also has a modern security system that monitors the entire premises 24 hours a day.
Security at KIA is further strengthened by a number of measures taken by Tanzania’s government. These include heightened scrutiny of all incoming flights, regular patrols throughout the airport’s premises, and strict screening of passengers at the security checkpoint. Passengers should also expect to have their baggage examined on entering and departing the airport.
To ensure the safety of all travelers, KIA requires all passengers to register their information and travel documents at least four hours before the scheduled departure of their flight.


Kilimanjaro International Airport is an important hub for travel and commerce in Tanzania. It is one of the few African airports to have implemented advanced security measures and is fully equipped with a range of facilities and services to serve its travelers. With the help of the several airlines that fly to and from the airport, travelers can easily reach their destination.

Experiences of Travelers

Travelers who have had the pleasure of navigating through Kilimanjaro International Airport praise its efficient and friendly service. One passenger stated, “Upon arriving at KIA, the staff were very helpful in helping me with my luggage. The airport was very clean, which I found to be an added bonus.”
Others have commented on the security measures implemented at the airport. One traveler stated, “I was pleasantly surprised to find out that KIA has some of the most advanced and up-to-date security in the region. The staff were professional and efficient while ensuring that my documents were in order.”

Important Safety Measures

As with any airport, KIA requires certain safety measures to be taken in order to ensure the security of all its passengers. It is important for travelers to ensure that their documents are valid and in order before their departure.
Passengers should also ensure that they follow all the safety protocols outlined by the airport. These include traveling with a valid form of identification, e.g. a passport or driver’s license, notifying the staff of any medical conditions, refraining from carrying any prohibited items into the airport, and reporting any suspicious activities or behaviour to the relevant authorities.

Transport Options to and from the Airport

Travelers coming to and from KIA have a range of transport options available to them. The airport is served by several international taxi companies like Premium Taxi and KLM, as well as local taxi companies offering shuttle services to and from the airport. The airport also offers private car hire services and shuttle services that run at frequent intervals throughout the day.
Those arriving at the airport also have the option of renting a car. One can make a reservation before arriving at the airport, or they can arrange it once they have arrived. All rental car companies are located at the arrival terminal, allowing travelers to quickly and easily rent a car to get to their final destination.

Other Services Available at KIA

KIA also provides a range of other services for travelers. One such service is the tourist information center, which is located in the arrival hall. The center is staffed by multilingual employees who are well-versed in the culture and history of Tanzania and are happy to assist travelers with any queries they may have.
The airport also provides postal services, baggage wrapping services, and money exchange facilities. Travelers can purchase plane tickets from the airport’s ticketing office and can also apply for an immigration card upon arrival to Tanzania.
KIA provides a comprehensive range of services and facilities that cater to the needs of travelers. With the help of the many airlines that serve the airport, travelers can explore the amazing country of Tanzania without any worry or hassle.

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