Where To Watch Pompeii

Once the center of a great Roman Empire, Pompeii is a legendary city that was frozen in time after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. But, it does not remain hidden inside its high walls. In fact, it can be visited by millions of people every year, who come from all over the world to be immersed in this Ancient Roman world.

Home to many of the most iconic buildings in all of Italy, Pompeii is home to a number of stunning ruins of villas, baths, and even a forum. Its streets, squares, and bathing houses are still remarkably well-preserved and offer a unique glimpse into the life of the Roman people of antiquity. Moreover, its amphitheater and prestigious temples remain an open-air museum and a powerful reminder of man’s vulnerability to nature.

Thankfully, while Mount Vesuvius continues to threaten the nearby city of Naples, visitors can explore this famous archaeological site from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Here are the top 6 spots you can go to watch Pompeii from around the world.

1. PompeiiLive Stream

One of the best ways to experience this famous location is from the comfort of your own home. The popular website PompeiiLiveStream offers two live streaming cameras that provide visitors and history buffs with an immersive experience of this spectacular site. These cameras offer views of different sections of the ruins, as well as plenty of historical information about the site. And best of all, it is completely free to watch Pompeii 24/7.

2. Pompeii Virtual Tour

For those who have a bit more time on their hands, and a bit of a budget, a virtual tour of Pompeii might be just the thing. A 3D virtual reality experience allows viewers to explore the ancient city in unprecedented detail, as they take in all the sights, sounds, and smells of the sites. Led by an experienced guide, this incredible tour offers up a unique way to explore one of the world’s most amazing sites.

3. Pompeii in 3D App

For a more interactive experience, the official Pompeii in 3D app is another great option. Visitors can explore a 3D reconstruction of the city, interact with the environment, and learn about the city’s many monuments and buildings. The app also offers a range of in-depth audio guides, texts, videos, and infographics to help users to get the most out of their visit.

4. UNESCO’s Virtual Museum

From its inception UNESCO has been working hard to protect and promote the world’s cultural heritage, and its virtual museum does that in spades. The Virtual Museum at Pompeii, designed in collaboration with UNESCO World Heritage site, takes users of all ages on a virtual journey through one of the world’s most iconic sites. The website offers an immersive virtual experience of the city, as well as 360-degree audio-visuals, panoramic shots and a whole host of other features that bring the city to life.

5. YouTube Videos

YouTube is packed with documentaries and clips of Pompeii, most of which are free to watch and provide a wealth of information about the city and its history. There are a range of videos on the fallout of the eruption, the city’s residents, and what daily life was like in ancient Pompeii. Many of these videos feature historical experts, who provide valuable insights and analysis into the fascinating life of the ancient Roman people.

6. Guided Virtual Tours

For the ultimate in interactive experiences, many tour companies now offer virtual guided tours of the Pompeii site. Running from the same servers as physical tours, these virtual experiences offer participants the chance to explore the site at their own pace. During the tour, experienced guides provide facts about different areas of the city, as well as answering questions posed by participants.

7. Online Resources

Finally, for those who prefer to explore independently, there are lots of online resources that make it easy to learn about the city from the comfort of home. From detailed maps and drawings of the city to books and articles about its history, there’s something for everyone. Some platforms also offer virtual tours of Pompeii so you can explore the city’s streets, temples and buildings as if you were actually there.

Explore the Homes of Pompeii Residents

Pompeii is among the best archaeological sites in the world, and it offers a unique opportunity to discover the everyday lives of the people who once lived here. Even though it was buried in ash and dust, Mount Vesuvius preserved many of the residences here, and it is now possible to step inside the ancient homes and walk through the streets of Pompeii. These homes offer an incredible insight into the lives of the Romans, and visitors can learn about their architecture, dining habits, and even their art and jewelry.

See the Famous Temples and the Pompeii Amphitheater

Pompeii’s two most iconic sites are undoubtedly its famous temples and its famous amphitheater. The ruins of four of the city’s most famous temples – the Temple of Apollo, the Temple of Jupiter, the Temple of Isis, and the Temple of Venus – offer visitors a glimpse into an era gone by. Meanwhile, the amphitheater is still in use by modern performers, and it is still be possible to watch breathtaking spectacles.

Experience the Roman Baths and the Forum

Pompeii’s baths and its forum are both iconic sites, offering a unique glimpse into the life of Roman aristocracy. Its luxurious Roman baths are still in use today and offer visitors a unique opportunity to experience the engineering brilliance of the Roman people. The forum is also a great spot to check out, and provides excellent insight into the political and social life of the ancient world.

Visit the House of the Faun

The House of the Faun is a beautiful and incredibly well-preserved house in Pompeii. Built in the 2nd century BC, it was once the home of Marcus Nonius Balbus, a powerful Roman merchant. The house features stunning wall paintings, frescoes, a marble garden, and a bronze fountain, as well as a remarkable mosaic floor depicting the battle between Alexander the Great and the Persian army.

Visit the Ancient Sites of Pompeii

The ruins of Pompeii are a must-see for those interested in history or archaeology. The city is full of ancient sites, with several important places of worship, villas, marketplaces, and more all within walking distance. Many of the sites are filled with incredible life-like detail, giving visitors the chance to gain a tangible understanding of the life of the Roman people.

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