Where Is The Trevi Fountain In Italy

The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy, is an iconic and tourist attraction that has come to represent the country’s entire culture and tradition. Located in the Piazza di Trevi, a large baroque fountain, in the center of the square, was created in 1762. Its slightly curved façade has a long history and rests on four different levels with sumptuous sculptures, and ornate decorative features. It is said to be one of the oldest and most extravagant water sources in the world.

This majestic fountain is the result of the Baroque architect Nicola Salvi, who bought the Trevi water basin and redesigned it in a beautiful style. He was inspired by the Baroque style of the powerful barons of the time, to build a fountain, in which the water fell from a higher level to the lowest one in a natural and uninterrupted way. Salvi combined the power of nature with the art of sculptors, painters and stonemasons to create the perfect environment for this spectacular fountain. He was also sure to consider the practical aspects of the fountain and added some cubicles and a drain, which helped to keep the fountain clean.

The ancient legend of the Trevi Fountain tells us that if you throw a coin into the water, your wish will be granted. So, for centuries, millions of coins have been consistently thrown into the fountain, becoming a universal symbol of fortune, blessing, and luck. According to some studies, the coins collected at the fountain annually reach around 3 000 euros and are used to help fund a supermarket for those in poverty in Rome.

The Trevi Fountain is surrounded by charming and spectacular surroundings that create a warm atmosphere in the piazza. It is also known as one of the most romantic spots in Rome. Tourists visit here to snap a romantic photo, capture the sunrise, and enjoy the atmosphere. On the four sides, there is a figure of a horned and bearded Saturn, which stands there resplendent in all its glory, as a reminder of this magnificent place.

Every night, the light from the fountain evokes a magical atmosphere, transforming the fountain into a contemporary artwork. Lights that hug the façade are the most modern part of the fountain and are the most vital touch for the fountain’s frame. Not to mention, this adds an astonishing beauty to the area after sunset. Various music festivals have been organized here and people camp around its borders, making it an ideal place to hang out.

While Trevi Fountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Italy, locals also love to enjoy its majesty. Roman citizens like to take a stroll around the place, and just chill out, watching the historical monument.

Pros and Cons of Trevi Fountain

Although the Trevi Fountain is a symbol of beauty and blessings, the ever-increasing number of tourists is bringing with it some downsides that are having an adverse effect on the area. The main concern is the overcrowding. It’s common to see people pushing and shoving each other to get a chance to throw a coin in the water. Another thing is, tourists are always throwing garbage in the fountain, which affects the water’s cleanliness. It has been suggested that educational materials should be distributed to inform tourists about the importance of not littering. Conservationists have also expressed concerns about the wear and tear caused by the movement of water.

The Trevi Fountain Restoration Project

In order to maintain the beauty of the fountain and to preserve it for future generations, the government has taken initiatives to conserve the Trevi Fountain. The Rome Municipality and the Italian Government along with private sponsors are financing a restoration project that finances the preservation of important monuments like the Trevi Fountain. This project involves cleaning, restoring, and replacing parts of the structure, to bring the fountain back to its original state. With an estimated $3.5 million renovation project, it is planned for the fountain to look even more beautiful than before.

Budget for Trevi Fountain Annual Maintenance

To ensure the safe and proper maintenance of the fountain, the city of Rome allocates certain funds each year for its safety and upkeep. The city spent over $4.1 million for its conservation in 2013. This budget covers the daily cleaning of the fountain, the maintenance of its surrounding areas, and the repair of any problem arising due to changing weather and environment. Moreover, these funds are also used to provide security to this outstanding monument.

Security Measures

With the ever-increasing number of tourists visiting this iconic piece of Italy, the local authorities take extra security measures to ensure safety. Every day, the Italian police and the Italian Army, together with the Italian gendarmerie and the Carabinieri, make their rounds around the Trevi Fountain.


The Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy is considered a treasure to the nation and is continuously protected and maintained to preserve its iconic beauty for future generations. Through generous funding and donations from the local government, private organizations, and individuals, the Trevi Fountain is being restored and properly maintained. With additional security and safety measures, the majestic beauty of this treasure of Italy is safeguarded and celebrated by locals and tourists alike.

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