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About The Arc de Triomphe Race

The Arc de Triomphe Race is one of France’s most prestigious annual horse races. Held at the Longchamp Racecourse since 1838, it has been a staple in the horse racing world for decades. It is one of the five ‘Classics’ races and is known for its treacherous track, exceptional distance and its strong international field. Every year, the horse racing world stands still for the Arc de Triomphe race and millions of fans around the country flock to the racecourse to watch the race.

This year will be no different, as top-notch Thoroughbreds take on the physical and mental challenge at the Arc de Triomphe race. Horses have to stand strong, push each other and prove their place among the top contenders in order to hoist the trophy. The challenge is mentally and physically hard, so only the best horses will be able to handle the saddle and ride ahead of the competition.

Although the toughness of the course has remained the same, the number of entrants in the race has increased year on year. This year, the Arc de Triomphe race will have more than 50 horses racing against each other. With an international field, the race promises to be one of the best of the year. Experts are predicting this is going to be one of the best field of horses in the history of the race.

In order to prepare for this race, the horses have had to go through rigorous training. Trainers have laid out intensive training schedules and nutrition plans to ensure the horses keep their strength and stamina throughout the race. Trainers have also taken the time to prepare the horses mentally, ensuring they are able to handle the pressure of the course and the competition.

The race will take place on Sunday, October 21th at 2PM. It is usually the longest race of the season at 3200m and takes nearly half an hour from start to finish. With such a distance, it is important for the horses to stay composed throughout the course and for the jockeys to keep the focus and not to get too carried away.

The entry fee for the race is quite steep. Horses must be accompanied by a registered jockey and must pay the entry fee of €3000. Not only that, prize money for the race is also one of the highest in the industry, with the first placed horse receiving €500,000. This is a great incentive for the horse and rider to give their best during the race.

Prizes and Prestige

Winning the Arc de Triomphe race is considered a huge honor in the racing world and horses are remembered through history for becoming the champions of the race. With such a huge prize money and immense prestige, the Arc de Triomphe Race attracts top class horses and jockeys. It is one of the most awaited races of the year and it always produces some of the best and closest finishes of the year.

The jockeys are usually very experienced and are highly trained, ensuring the horse and rider combination can not only compete but put up a fight for the top spot. Their riding spirit and strong determination has been admired by the racing world for decades.

The current record for the race is held by the horse Miesque, who set the record at 2’25:90 in 1987. She was followed by her rider Thierry Jarnet and proved that anything is possible when one puts their mind to it.

Every year, the racecourse is filled with fans cheering for their favorite horse, jockey and combination. The atmosphere is awe inspiring and the feeling of unity is strong in the air. Fans clad in their team colors, screaming in excitement while the competitors gallop past, transforming the racecourse into a stadium full of emotion.

The Arc de Triomphe race is one of a kind, providing an exciting and electrifying event that brings people together to celebrate the power of horses and to commemorate the spirit of friendship.

Customs and Traditions

The Arc de Triomphe race has become a strong tradition of the French people and the culture around it has remained strong for many years. The history of the race has become entwined in the culture and the people treat the race and the horses with the utmost respect and admiration. The event is becoming more popular every year and it continues to captivate its audience with its breathtaking races and everlasting memories.

In addition to the race, there are also several other customs that come with the Arc de Triomphe race. Every year, the day before the race is called the ‘Cheval de l’Arc’ or the ‘Horse of the Arc’ Festival. This day is a public holiday and is celebrated throughout the country. The celebrations include parades and shows, as well as exhibitions, competitions and performances by artists.

The following day, on the day of the race, a special parade is held at the Longchamp Racecourse. The parade includes a procession of the top competitors of the day and it has become a cherished tradition. The winners of the race are also honored with a big parade at the end of the day, which is followed by a celebratory meal.

Safety Precautions

The safety of the competitors is of utmost importance for the Arc de Triomphe Race as well as for any other horse racing event. The racecourse and the organizers take extra precautions to make sure that the horses and the jockeys remain safe throughout the course of the race. Stringent safety rules have been set and all horses must go through extensive medical examination, as well as have their health checked prior to competing. All riders must also wear protective gear throughout the event.

The first aid services are also on stand-by and work with the organizers to ensure that no riders or horses get hurt during the race. Special ambulances are also provided for those who sustain any injuries. The race cannot start until the conditions are safe for the competitors and the organizers will not hesitate to put the race on a hold if the situation requires it.


The Arc de Triomphe Race attracts millions of spectators from all over the world and every year fans flock to the racecourse in droves to watch the race and show their support. Tickets are available in advance and there are also several packages available to make it easier for fans to watch the race. Special grandstands are set up for the fans, allowing them to have a clear view of the race.

The Arc de Triomphe race is telecasted by many TV channels and this also enables fans to watch the race in the comfort of their own home. Some of the best views of the race are also provided on the TV and this has enabled more people to witness the spectacular race.

Every year, the Arc de Triomphe race captivates millions of fans and the spirit of the racecourse is ever-present. It is a great spectacle and the thrill of the victory is contagious from the track to the TV screens.

Winning Records and Celebrity Owners

In the 182-year history of the race, there have been some amazing winning records established. The horses that have won the race have gone down in history, including the likes of Mephisto, Caro, Glorieux and Ksar in recent years. The legendary Alydar holds the record for the most titles in the race, with seven wins in total.

In recent times, the Arc de Triomphe race has also been graced by some famous faces, including the likes of French actress Juliette Binoche and Saudi Arabian Prince Khalid Abdullah. These famous owners have added to the appeal of the race and have enabled the race to attract more people.

Purchasing and Betting

Horses for the Arc de Triomphe Race can be bought from the official sale and open auction. Only those horses meeting the minimum quality standards are allowed to take part in the race. In addition, only the horses that have undergone special quality control are eligible to participate in the race.

The Arc de Triomphe Race is also a great opportunity for bettors and fans to try their luck and make some money. Special bets are allowed on the race and this has enabled the Arc de Triomphe race to become even more popular. Betting on the race is one of the most exciting parts of the competition and it adds to the excitement of the race.


The Arc de Triomphe Race is a grand event held every year and it has become a strong tradition among the French people. With its long distance, treacherous track and strong international field, the race has become a globally renowned event. From its customs and traditions to the excitement of the race, the Arc de Triomphe Race is one of the most anticipated events of the year and every year it manages to attract top-notch horses and jockeys.

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