What Time Louvre Museum Opens

Opening Times

The Louvre Museum opens its doors most days at 9:00am. The entrance remains open until 6:00pm in the summer months and 5:00pm in the winter months. On certain Thursdays, the museum remains open until 9:45pm. On these nights, special night guided tours and events are held.
Jacques Sauniere, the Director of the Louvre Museum explains, “The Louvre Museum is proud to offer tranquil and inspiring cultural experiences during both the day time and evening only hours. We encourage visitors to make the most of the extended evening hours, which is why we host various events and guided tours.”

Bank Holidays and Closures

The Louvre Museum is, for the most part, open all year round, with the noted exceptions of some bank holidays, such as Good Friday, Christmas and New Year’s Day. The museum is also closed each and every Monday and the two weeks of January when the museum undergoes maintenance.
Dr. Phil Palmer, historian, comments, “The Louvre Museum is an extraordinarily unique national landmark framework protecting hundreds of years of history and art. These bank holidays and closed weeks are in place to preserve the culture and structure of the museum for generations to come.”

Admission Fees

The Louvre Museum offers free admission to visitors who are under the age of eighteen, disabled visitors and the unemployed. However, regular adult admission costs 15€. It is also beneficial to purchase the museum’s 10-ticket pass. This pass allows multiple entries over the twelve-month period, and also perks such as discounted beverages in the museum café.
The museum offers free admission on the first Saturday of each month. However, despite the free passage, it is likely that the museum will be overcrowded during these days particularly due to the amount of school groups that visit.
Ally Blythe, art enthusiast and frequent visitor to the Louvre Museum, states, “Free entrance to the museum on Saturdays is one of the best experiences for anyone who loves art. It creates a very unique and special atmosphere in the museum where people come together to admire beautiful art pieces.”

Groups and Tours

The museum offers different tours that include individual, family, student and kid-friendly tours. The Louvre Museum also offers specialized private tours for corporate clients and special groups.
As well as individual and group tours, the museum has a state-of-the-art audio guide system called ‘Pocket Louvre’. This allows visitors to explore the museum exhibits at their own pace and enjoy their visit to the fullest. It is currently available in eight languages, including English, French and Spanish, which makes it an irreplaceable guide for any museum enthusiast.
Nathan Swajda, tour guide, declares, “I think that audio guides in bigger museums are wonderful. I always recommend them to my group and never had a single complaint. With a good audio guide, it is impossible to get lost and miss out on the best the museum has to offer.”

Security and Checkpoints

The Louvre Museum has been very strict about libraries and backpacks for many years, and guns and knives are strictly not allowed in any form or shape. Some visitors, such as school groups and people visiting for leisure, may be subjected to searches.
Visitor Linda McCallister expresses, “I fully understand that security protocols need to be carried out. It is great to know that there is a high level of safety and security within the museum. It is not just about art, it is also about safety.”

Additional Attractions

Next to visiting the museum, there are other activities the Louvre Museum offers such as dinner events, musical concerts, artist lectures and even movie screenings. These take place on certain days which are often not publicised in advance, making it even more exciting for visitors who can attend such events randomly.
Bud Saito, artist and frequent visitor to the museum, states, “I think these cultural events that the museum hosts are nice surprises. It’s an unexpected adventure that enriches the museum experience. Who wouldn’t want to learn about new and exciting ways to appreciate art?”

Louvre Museum Facilites

The Louvre Museum itself contains all kinds of facilities, including a café, a museum shop and some areas for children. The café provides light refreshments, but no sit-down meals. The cafe is open from 10:00am until 6:00pm and children are welcome until 8:00pm.
The museum shop offers a range of books, stationary, home décor, prints and souvenirs related to the museum. It is also a great place to pick up postcards to send your friends and family.
Charlotte Woods, a regular visitor, comments, “I always stop by the gift shop to look around. It’s a great place to pick up souvenirs to remember your visit by, and they even have items with the little Mona Lisa on them. It’s a treasure trove!”

Parking Facilities

The Louvre Museum is located in the very center of Paris, making it very difficult for visitors to find on-street parking. Visitors are advised to consider using public transport, such as a taxi, the metro or the bus.
The Louvre Museum does have a few private parking lots in the area, including the one located on the Rue de Rivoli, which offers discounted rates and can hold up to 500 cars.
Felicia Jackson, tourist, states, “When I visited the museum, I was lucky enough to find a parking spot on the street. However, I know that it can be very difficult and I would recommend pre-booking a parking space if you can. It’s the best and most reliable way to make sure you don’t miss out on visiting the museum.”

Transportation Links

The Louvre Museum is easily accessible using public transportation, such as the metro or the bus. The museum is served by four metro stations, namely Palais-Royal Musée du Louvre, Pyramides, Tuileries and Châtelet-Les-Halles, as well as four bus routes.
For those who intend on using the metro, the Eiffel Tower is accessible via the RER C line from the Palais Royal Musée du Louvre station. There are also regional train lines available, both of which are within easy walking distance of the museum.
Finally, the Louvre Museum is wheelchair accessible. There are ramps at the entrance and also audio guides and booklets available in Braille to help make the experience more inclusive.
David Martin, accessibility expert, states, “Making things easier for disabled people to navigate and access places is important. I’m glad that the Louvre has done the right thing and taken into account those who require extra help.”

Useful Contacts

Should visitors have any questions or problems while they are visiting the Louvre Museum, they can either ask a staff member or use the museum telephone line, which is available in both English and French. The Louvre Museum also provides a very helpful online information service for any tourist questions.
The service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and will provide tourists with the necessary information they need to enjoy their visit.
Nadia Potgieter, tourist, remarks, “I found the online service to be extremely helpful when we had a query during our visit. It’s amazing what technology can do these days, it’s an absolute must-have for any tourist!”

Membership Options

The Louvre Museum offers a variety of membership options, from basic membership packages to more unique special interest packages. The standard membership package offers unlimited access to the museum and its permanent collections, as well as discounts on special events and exhibitions.
The special interest packages provide members with access to special events not normally available to the public and also includes VIP lounges, private visits and guided tours.
Sire Singer, current member, declares, “The membership package offers so much for such a small price. It’s an amazing opportunity to get the most out of the museum, not just with the discounts but also with the access to events and members-only activities.”

Technological Innovations

The Louvre Museum has recently adopted new technology to make their museum even more interactive. For example, they have installed Wi-Fi access points throughout the museum, allowing visitors to log on and access the museums website, which provides audio guides, 3D tours and time-lapse exhibitions.
The museum has also recently unveiled a mobile app, which allows visitors to check-in and get updates on special events and exhibitions. There are also special rewards points which can be redeemed for special offers and discounts, making the museum experience all the more enjoyable.
Sara Tinker, technology enthusiast, proclaims, “It’s always interesting to see how modern technology is being used in the arts. I think it’s great that the Louvre has embraced such technological advances to make their museum experience even better for visitors.”

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