What Is The Louvre Museum In Paris

The Louvre Museum in Paris is known as one of the most beloved art museums in the world. Spanning an area of 210,000 square meters, the Louvre holds 35,000 works of art, ranging from prehistory and ancient civilizations to modern art. Situated in the heart of Paris, the Louvre is one of the world’s oldest, most renowned and famous art museums, and is often ranked as one of the greatest.

The Louvre was originally a palace, built in 1190 by King Philip II. It served as the official residence and palace of the French kings until 1682, when Louis XIV moved his court to the Palace of Versailles. In 1793, the Louvre was opened to the public as a museum; the first art museum in the world. Since then, it has attracted millions of visitors from all over the world. The museum is now owned by the French government, who oversee operations and the upkeep of the museum’s collections.

The most iconic and well-known of the Louvre’s works is the ‘Mona Lisa’ painting, by Leonardo Da Vinci. Another famous work is the ‘Venus de Milo’, a 5th-century Greek marble statue of Aphrodite. Other notable works in the Louvre collections include the ‘Winged Victory’ sculpt by Samothrace, the ‘Liberty Leading the People’ painting by Eugene Delacroix, and the ‘The Raft of the Medusa’ painting by Theodore Gericault.

The Louvre has a number of initiatives in place, to protect and conserve the works of art in its collections. The ‘Conservation and Restoration’ program was created to conserve and restore works of art, while preserving their original appearance. The museum also has a range of digitization initiatives, such as the Digit Louvre project, which presents digital reproductions of works of art in the Louvre collections.

Visitors to the Louvre can take advantage of a range of services, such as guided tours and workshops, and mobile audio guides are provided at no extra cost. The Louvre also offers a number of educational resources, such as lectures and seminars. The museum is also open for after-hours and evening events, such as live concerts and film screenings.

Admission & Crowds

The Louvre is one of the most visited museums in the world, and has been for many years. Admission charges vary, depending on the season, with discounts for students and other groups. Due to the large number of visitors, it is advisable to arrive early in the day, to avoid the long queues.


The Louvre Museum is accessible to all, with accessible entrances and elevators available. The museum is also wheelchair-friendly, and audio descriptions of the works of art are available for the visually-impaired. Wheelchairs and strollers can be rented at the museum, and tactile tours are available for visitors with hearing impairments.

Online Exhibitions & Events

The Louvre Museum offers a number of online resources, such as virtual exhibitions, virtual tours and visits, and educational activities. The Louvre also hosts lectures, events and workshops throughout the year, which can be attended either in-person or online.


The Louvre is an iconic and world-famous museum that holds some of the most renowned and beloved works of art in the world. With a range of services and initiatives in place to protect and conserve the works of art in its collections, the Louvre is one of the most popular art museums in the world. It also has a range of accessibility features, events and activities, making it a great destination for any visitor.

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