What Does Sagrada Familia Mean In English

Sagrada Familia is a one-of-a-kind architectural masterpiece located in Barcelona, Spain. It is an iconic landmark that draws people from all around the world, who come to take in its alluring beauty. So, what exactly does Sagrada Familia mean in English? Well, it is a phrase derived from Latin, which translates to “Sacred Family”.

Origin of the Name

The creation of the complex began in 1882, by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi. From the onset, Gaudi had intended for the structure to be a homage to the Nativity of Jesus. For this reason, the name of the building was decided to be “Sagrada Familia”. Even today, nearly 140 years later, the Basilica continues to bring to life Gaudi’s religious tribute. In fact, the intricate carvings found throughout the complex tell stories from the Bible and have helped to preserve Gaudi’s intent from so long ago.

Design Features

The construction of the complex continues to be an ongoing project. In addition to the existing design plan, architects have made modifications to the layout and components of the structure over the years. The Basilica depicts Catalan modernism with its intricate use of bright colors and robust textures that adorn the exterior walls. Upon closer inspection, many visitors come to discover a variety of hand-crafted sculptures and intricate stonework. In addition, four soaring spires that rise from the roof provide visitors with a one-of-a-kind viewing experience from the top.

Undertaking the Construction

Due to the complex and lengthy process of the construction, the Sagrada Familia is believed to be the longest running building project in history. Each and every component has been crafted by hand, a task that requires tremendous effort and expertise. In addition, the funding for the project comes strictly from admission fees and “Friend of Sagrada Familia” contributions. Despite these obstacles, the project has made incredible advances in recent years, including the completion of the Nativity Facade in 2012.

Gaudi’s Vision

Gaudi had intended for the Sagrada Familia to be a reflection of nature and to be a pinnacle of architectural prowess for generations to come. As he saw it, the curved stone of the structure should amaze and bewilder any who look upon it with its tall spires and vibrant colors that shimmer in the Catalan sun. With every passing day, more of Gaudi’s vision continues to come to life as the construction of the complex moves closer to being fully completed.

Reaching Perfection

The decision of what the building will look like when complete is constantly being debated. Over the years, the surrounding urban environment has been constantly evolving. Architects are concerned that stretching the space to full completion may detract from the original vision Gaudi had intended. With that in mind, they are considering updated design models as they strive to reach perfection.

Festival of Light

Each year, the Sagrada Familia puts on a Festival of Lights. Many visitors make the journey to attend this event, as the lights of the structure are illuminated in a captivating array of manner for all to behold. The centerpiece of the display is an art installation crafted from over 15,000 LEDs, formed in the shape of a giant tree.

World Popularity

It is no surprise that millions of people travel from all over the world to visit this architectural wonder. The Sagrada Familia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Barcelona offering its visitors an incredible experience steeped in culture and tradition.

Cultural Significance

The Sagrada Familia plays an integral role in the cultural identity of the city of Barcelona. From its ornate exterior walls and sculptures to the vibrant colors that adorn it, the complex serves as an icon of the area and houses many of the city’s greatest artworks.

Scale of the Project

The construction process of the Sagrada Familia has been an ongoing endeavor for well over a century. Its construction has been one of the most ambitious feats of engineering in recent times. The project was undertaken by Gaudi and continues to be done with the intention to complete his vision of what the final structure should look like.


The Sagrada Familia has stood strong in the heart of Barcelona for over 140 years, and shows no signs of slowing down. Its construction is a testament to the dedication Gaudi had for the project and the incredible talent of all the workers who have and continue to contribute to it. The Latin phrase “Sagrada Familia” brings to life Gaudi’s vision of a “Sacred Family” and has inspired many to come and view this incredible architectural wonder.

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