Is The Trevi Fountain Free To Visit

What is the Trevi Fountain?

The Trevi Fountain, located in Rome, is one of the world’s most iconic fountains. Designed by Italian architect Nicola Salvi, the fountain is part of a larger eighteenth century aqueduct, which supplies the city of Rome with water. The fountain was completed in 1762 and features a towering sculpture of the Roman God of Waters, Neptune, being pulled by two sea horses and is surrounded by a series of ornate sculptures and basins. Its grandeur has earned it the title of the largest Baroque fountain in Rome and it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Italy.

Is the Trevi Fountain Free to Visit?

Absolutely! The Trevi Fountain is a public space, which means that visiting it does not require any payment whatsoever. ..It is a public space open for all to admire, making it one of the few attractions in Rome where visitors do not have to pay an entrance fee. This accessibility makes it a popular attraction, as visitors from all corners of the world are able to visit and experience the splendour of the fountain without having to pay for it.

The Appeal of The Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is one of those attractions that evoke a feeling of awe and admiration in all its visitors. This can be attributed to the fountain’s grandeur, as the sculptures and basins that form its structure are incredibly ornate and captivating to behold. Additionally, its location in the center of Rome gives it great visibility, making it a popular spot for sightseeing and photography. Thousands of tourists flock to the fountain every day to take in its beauty and make a wish by throwing coins into the water.

The History of Throwing Coins into the Fountain

Throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain is a practice that has become a tradition for many visitors. According to legend, throwing a coin into the fountain signifies luck and a wish for a return to Rome. The tradition is believed to have originated in the nineteenth century, when it became custom for visitors to throw coins into the fountain as they made their wishes. The coins are then collected and donated to charities, making the tradition both a way to make wishes and to support important causes.

The Cost of Bringing a Tour Guide

Although visiting the Trevi Fountain does not require payment, there is a cost associated with bringing a tour guide. Tour guides can provide visitors with interesting insight about the fountain, its history and its significance. As such, hiring a tour guide is not necessary, but it can make the visit more enjoyable and informative. Additionally, it is important to note that tour guides will typically charge a fee for their services, so visitors should be prepared to pay if they wish to bring one.

General Rules for Visiting the Fountain

Though visiting the Trevi Fountain is free, it is always important to abide by the regulations set in place by the police and local authorities. This includes avoiding any activities that may damage the fountain, such as graffiti and vandalism, as well as refraining from swimming in the fountain or entering any of the fountains pools. These activities could lead to hefty fines or worse, and it is important to be mindful of these rules when visiting the fountain.

Impact on the City

Though it is free to visit the Trevi Fountain, it has a clear and positive impact on the city of Rome. The fountain is an example of the city’s rich heritage and culture, and its beauty is a source of pride for many Romans. Additionally, the fountain attracts thousands of visitors each day, boosting the city’s economy and creating jobs for the local community. Lastly, the coins collected from the fountain are donated to charities, which is a great way to give back to the Roman community.

Nearby Attractions

It is also important to note that the Trevi Fountain is surrounded by some of Rome’s other iconic attractions, making it a great spot to begin a walking tour or sightseeing. The Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, and the Colosseum are just a few of the many nearby attractions that can be visited in the area. Additionally, several restaurants and cafes are also located in the surrounding areas, giving visitors the opportunity to truly soak in the sights and sounds of Rome.

A Symbol of Rome

The Trevi Fountain is much more than just a tourist attraction – it is a symbol of the city of Rome. Its majestic beauty represents the city’s history, culture and values, and has become a source of great pride for many Romans. Therefore, visiting the Trevi Fountain goes beyond just appreciating its beauty; it is an opportunity to pay homage to the city and its people.

Famous Appearances in Films

The Trevi Fountain has become so iconic that it has even made appearances in popular films. Movies such as Three Coins in the Fountain, La Dolce Vita, and Roman Holiday have all featured the fountain in various scenes. These scenes have further cemented the Trevi Fountain’s popularity and celebrity status, while also reinforcing its fame in popular culture.


In conclusion, the Trevi Fountain is an iconic fixture in the city of Rome and a symbol of its rich culture and heritage. Visiting the fountain is free to do and provides visitors with an unforgettable experience. Moreover, the fountain is surrounded by many other attractions, making it a great place to start a tour or sightseeing. Finally, its beautiful architecture and popularity in films have made it one of the most recognisable attractions in Rome and a source of pride for many locals.

Nearby Shopping Centers

In addition to sightseeing and experiencing the magnitude of the Trevi Fountain, nearby shopping centers offer tourists the opportunity to purchase souvenirs and take a piece of Rome home with them. Many of these stores specialize in products from Rome and Italy, providing customers with a wide array of authentic and unique items. Additionally, the stores are typically reasonably priced, making it a great experience for tourists on a budget.

Eating and Dining Nearby

Tourists who wish to turn their visit to the Trevi Fountain into a full-fledged tourist experience will be happy to hear that there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars in the surrounding areas. These eateries offer many different cuisines, allowing visitors to sample authentic Roman fare and other international dishes. Additionally, many of the cafes and bars offer beautiful views of the fountain, making it an even more enjoyable experience.

Safety Precautions

Though visiting the Trevi Fountain is an enjoyable experience, it is important for visitors to remain alert and conscious of their surroundings. The area is typically crowded with tourists, making it a popular spot for pickpockets and scam artists. Visitors should exercise caution and keep a close eye on their valuables at all times. Additionally, it is a good idea to stay in well-populated areas and avoid wandering off alone.

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