Is Sagrada Familia Worth It

The Sagrada Família is a unique and world-renowned architectural wonder built in Barcelona, Spain. Originally unveiled in 1926, the masterpiece has been in a process of construction ever since, with no definitive completion date in sight. With its intricate design, rich history and stunning architecture, it’s no surprise tourists flock to the site, but is it worth visiting?

In terms of design and structure, the Sagrada Família is unlike any other building in the world. The architects, Antoni Gaudí, incorporated a blend of Gothic style with the motifs and curves from the Art Nouveau style. In addition, the Sagrada Família is composed of 18 spires, which are filled with carvings and sculptures designed to depict the life of Jesus Christ. In particular, the Nativity façade is a striking example of this artistry as different scenes from the nativity-story are displayed, from Mary and Joseph’s entrance into Bethlehem to the Three Kings’ offering of gifts.

Not only does the structure’s exterior keep visitors intriguing, the interior of the building is equally as impressive. Visitors climb their way up to the ceiling, which, upon further inspection, is revealed to be a long-curved design comprised of different stone, wood, and colour. Furthermore, when standing at the centre of the church, spectators witness an incredible light display-circular, coloured glass arches, enabling an awe-inspiring sight.

The story of how the Sagrada Família was built is equally compelling. Antoni Gaudí broke away from traditional construction plans, coming up with a style of his own. During his lifetime, Gaudí put in extensive effort and dedication to the project, essentially sacrificing his life for it. Although he passed away in 1926, Gaudí’s initial development of the building has lived on and it is projected to be completed in 2026, timed perfectly with the 100th anniversary of Gaudí’s death.

Technically speaking, the Sagrada Família is completely unnecessary and practically speaking, it takes a considerable amount of time and money to visit. Moreover, long lines and ticket prices can be incredibly intimidating. However, the experience is invaluable-it is truly one of a kind, and is worth seeing it once in a lifetime. With that being said, the best time to visit is outside of the peak season when lines are shorter and cheaper.

What Else to Do and See

When visiting the landmark, visitors have the opportunity to explore their surrounding area. Just a 10 minute walk away is Parc Güell, another masterpiece designed by Antoni Gaudí, that presents an amazing skyline of Barcelona. In addition, other attractions include Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Casa Batllo, and La Boqueria. All of these sites can be visited in a day.


But is it worth it? Customers on Travelling have given the Sagrada Família an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Testimonials rave about not only the architectural wonder, one saying “You cannot talk about Barcelona without talking about the Sagrada Família-it is unique and absolutely breathtaking!” but also its inspiring story, “I fell in love with the enchanting life story of Antoni Gaudí and his labour of love”.


Tickets for the Sagrada Família range from £15 to £66, depending on what time of the year and the time of day that visitors choose to go. The higher priced tickets usually only last less than an hour, so budget-wise, it is best to plan a visit outside of peak times and days. Moreover, there are usually discounts for students and senior citizens.


To conclude, the Sagrada Família is worth it and is indeed one of the wonders of Barcelona. Its unique design, enriching history, and inspiring story make it a once in a lifetime opportunity. And, with a little bit of planning, visitors can get to experience this architectural work of art while still getting their money’s worth. For those who are considering a visit, a rewarding experience awaits.

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