Is It Worth Going Up The Tower At Sagrada Familia

A pilgrim’s view from the tower of the Sagrada Família can be mesmerizing—particularly when they get to look at the church up close. That’s why it may be worth the journey up to experience the elevated perspective. The tower stands apart from the already impressive structure of the edifice, towering high at a dizzying 172 meters. After listening to the enchanting story of this Barcelona icon, and all the difficult years it took to construct, pilgrims will probably want to take that journey up the tower to enjoy its fantastic view.

The towers draw a gradual, bewitching saga of the evolution of the Sagrada Família. The church was conceptualized in 1882, when Antonio Gaudi took the reins and set out to construct a neo-gothic jewel, a reconstituted Catalan style on the plans of an older pre-modernist project. Over the years, it has been the throne of many projects, taking over 120 years total to build since Gaudi’s vision started in 1882 and still not finished yet.

The towers were the last part of the building to be built, and are the most visible and eye-catching from afar. They must be accessed from the inside, by means of a lift initially installed in 2000, which operates nonstop up and down to both locations. After visitors hop on the lift, they will ascend up higher to embark on their journey to the top.

At the top of the Nativity tower, visitors will discover the star, the golden cross and the gargoyles that adorn the structure. These towers, baptized in honor of the four evangelists, do not serve as courtrooms or windows; they are meant to carry the memory high in the sky. As the story behind it goes, when the Star of Bethlehem only appears in the sky, the Sagrada Família will be complete.

The panoramic view from the tower, in all its glory, provides a remarkable and memorable experience. The breathtaking scene combined with the fantastic views of Barcelona will offer a variety of funny findings. Visiting the skyline of Barcelona from the Nativity tower, pilgrims will find an unique angle of the cityscape, from the skyline of its monuments, to the different neighborhoods that lead up to the Mediterranean Sea.

For an even closer encounter, a visit inside the towers is possible for an extra fee. This tiny room, located below the current star, offers an extraordinary spectacle of the city at night. The Sagrada Família shares its history, anecdotes and its significance while providing the tower with its own story. They stand tall and proud, monuments to the hard work behind the church and to its history. The detailed frescos, design and stained glass windows inside the church apart from this iconic towers help bring Gaudi’s dream to life.

The journey up the tower may be long, but there are convenient ways to make the climb. No matter where a pilgrim is coming from, it is best to find a package tour that will shorten the wait and let them make their way through more quickly. Depending on package, visitors may get to enjoy a few extra bonuses like snacks, beverages and other discounted perks—and it costs much less than an individual ticket.

Travel Accommodation

It’s important to plan in advance and book travel accommodations if a pilgrim is visiting Barcelona, Spain. Accommodations near the Sagrada Família are typically easy to find, but business days tend to be the busiest times and it is best to research on the best area to stay when planning the visit. Pilgrim will find a variety of transportation options nearby, with bus stops running directly outside the Sagrada Família and a subway station located just off Passeig de Gràcia street.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for entrance to the towers may vary from day-to-day, so it is best to check on their official website to get best deals and discounts. Generally, the cheapest tickets are for adults and discounted rates are typically available for children and senior citizens. An express ticket will cost more but will allow pilgrims to enter the tower information center to get information on the architecture and history of the building.

Experience the Journey

Taking the voyage up Sagrada Família’s Nativity tower can be an incredible experience, providing the chance to observe one of the most important monuments in the country up close. And, at the same time, understanding Gaudi’s vision, while taking in the stunning skyline of Barcelona just beyond the towers.

Tips and Warnings

When visiting the towers, it is important to consider the weather. The tower is open 365 days a year, so a precaution should be taken in case of sudden rain. Also, visitors should bring a valid photo ID in order to purchase the tickets and entry at the Nativity tower.

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