How To Get To Park Guell From Sagrada Familia

The epic Park Güell, located in Barcelona, Spain, is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. The park, designed by Antoni Gaudí, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular spot for tourists. If you’re planning a trip to the Park Güell, the good news is that it’s not very hard to get there from Sagrada Familia, another signature Gaudí spot. This article will look at the different ways to get to Park Güell from Sagrada Familia and make recommendations for the best way to do it.

Getting There by Metro

The easiest way to get to Park Güell from Sagrada Familia is by taking the metro. From the Sagrada Familia station, take the L5 metro line heading towards Horta and get off at the Lesseps station. From here, it is a ten-minute walk to the park. The total journey time will be about 25 minutes and will cost around €2.30. You can also take the L3 metro line from Sagrada Familia to Diagonal, but this will take longer and cost more.

Getting There by Bus

Another option is to take the bus. From Sagrada Familia, take the 22 bus line to Park Güell. This bus journey should take about 40 minutes and cost around €2. It is important to note, however, that the bus is not the most efficient option, as it is often crowded and stops often. Additionally, there can be long wait times in between buses.

Getting There by Taxi

The most expensive option, but one that will get you to Park Güell in the quickest time, is to take a taxi. A taxi ride from Sagrada Familia to Park Güell should cost around €14-18 and take about 20 minutes. However, it is important to remember that the cost of the journey will depend on the time of day and the amount of traffic. Additionally, be sure to agree on the price with the driver before starting the journey.

Getting There by Foot

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to take in some of Barcelona’s sights along the way, then the most interesting way to get to Park Güell is to walk. The route is fairly straightforward and should take around 45 minutes, depending on your pace. The total distance is around 3km, and some of Barcelona’s main sights, such as the Arc de Triomf and the Ciutadella Park, can easily be seen along the way.


The best way to get to Park Güell from Sagrada Familia is to take the metro. It is the quickest and most convenient option, taking just 25 minutes and costing around €2.30. However, if you want to take in some of Barcelona’s sights, or if you’re feeling adventurous, then the best option is to walk. If you have the time, this is the most enjoyable way to get to the park.

Choosing Your Journey

Whether you’re planning a day trip to Park Güell or just want to take in some of the park’s sights, it is important to plan your journey carefully. Taking the metro is the quickest and cheapest way to get there, while a taxi is the most expensive and the least time consuming. For those wanting to find something in between, the bus can be a good option, although it can get crowded. Finally, for a more interesting journey, walking is the way to go.

Practical Considerations

When planning a trip to Park Güell it is important to consider a few practical points. Firstly, make sure you bring water and food, as there is no food available in the park, and in the summer months it can get very hot. Secondly, bring sunscreen and a hat, as there is limited shade in the park. Finally, dress appropriately and wear comfortable shoes, as there is a lot of walking involved.

Travel Planning

When planning your trip to Park Güell, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, make sure to book tickets in advance, as queues at the entrance can be long. Secondly, be prepared to pay an entrance fee, as some parts of the park require an admission fee. Finally, remember to plan your journey in advance and take into account the different options available.

Security and Safety

When visiting Park Güell, it is important to keep security in mind. The park is generally safe, but there have been reported cases of theft and pickpocketing. Make sure to keep your belongings close to you and be mindful of your surroundings. It is also a good idea to let someone know where you’re going, in case of an emergency.


Park Güell is a must-see for anyone visiting Barcelona. It is easy to get to from Sagrada Familia, with the metro being the quickest and most convenient option. However, if you want to take in some of Barcelona’s sights along the way, then walking is the best way to go. When planning your trip, make sure to plan your journey in advance, bring water and snacks, and keep your belongings close to you. Have a great journey!

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