How To Get From Napoli Centrale To Pompeii


Visiting the ancient city of Pompeii is one of the top attractions in the region of Campania. Located just 11 kilometres away from Naples, it may seem difficult to navigate the transportation options offered to tourists and travelers. Visitor’s who find themselves at the central rail station, Napoli Centrale, may feel overwhelmed by the options offered. However, getting to Pompeii from the central rail station is relatively simple, providing you plan your journey in advance and know just what to do.

Travel By Train

The most preferred method for travelers visiting Pompeii is by train. The Circumvesuviana train line is a safe and affordable line of transportation that runs between Naples, Sorrento and all of the towns on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius including; Ercolano, Torre del Greco and Pompeii. Purchasing a ticket is easy and must be done before boarding with the ticket machines located in the station. Travellers will need to buy a ticket from Napoli Centrale to either Torre Annunziata or Ercolano, a journey that will take approximately 50 minutes. Then hop on the Pompeii train located directly opposite. This will take passengers to the town and ruins in about 15 minutes.

Travel By Bus

The ‘ANM’ bus line is an easier and simpler way to get to Pompeii from Naples. The cost is actually cheaper than travelling by train and the whole experience can be much faster. ANM buses can be found close to Napoli Centrale train station, on one side of the main entrance. The main bus stop number is 54 and is easily visible while waiting in the queue. The journey time is approximately one hour, with no changes necessary, making it a great option for visitors.

Travel By Car

If you chose the convenience of travelling by car, the best way to get to Pompeii is to follow the main motorway that leads south of Naples. Take the A3 motorway, which will take you directly to the ruins. The journey usually takes 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the time of day and traffic. The route is well signposted, ensuring you travel to Pompeii by the most direct and quickest route.

Taxi and Ride Sharing

At Napoli Centrale station you can catch a taxi to Pompeii, but it can be quite expensive, costing around 40 Euro one way. It’s important to agree on a price before you make the journey, otherwise you may find yourself paying a lot more than the approximate price. Ride sharing applications are also available on your phone to get you to the ruins.

Reserving Tickets Beforehand

With the number of people travelling to Pompeii each day, it’s a good idea to reserve your tickets beforehand. This will save time and lines waiting to buy tickets. You can reserve tickets at or other booking sites or even directly at the ticket desk at Napoli Centrale.


Whatever method of transportation you choose for your visit to Pompeii, it is essential to plan ahead and be prepared for your journey. Knowing the costs and journey times of various transportation options will help you pick the best one for your visit to Pompeii from Napoli Centrale.

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