How To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro For Charity

Background Information

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Its summit stands at 19,341 feet (5,895 meters) above sea level, located in Tanzania in East Africa. It is a bucket-list item for many adventurers, and even more so those who wish to climb it for a great cause. A charity climb is a fantastic way to help your cause or cause of your choice and make a transformation to the lives of those who need it most.

The Challenges of the Climb

Hiking through the diverse terrain of Mount Kilimanjaro is no small undertaking. It requires forethought, commitment, and a strong stomach, since hikers will be faced with steep inclines, disappearing trails, and, on the higher altitudes, very low oxygen. As the altitude increases with each step, the terrain likewise becomes increasingly demanding.

The typical length for the ascent is five to eight days, and this mile stretch can take anywhere from eight to 14 hours of non-stop climbing. Additionally, hikers will need to bring with them proper supplies, such as sleeping bags, water, food, and other essential items, in order to make the climb successful.

Getting In the Team

Charity climbs are perfect for groups of people who are adventurous, enjoy a challenge, or have a cause or cause of their choice that they would like to support. Since these types of climbs take time and preparation, it is important to identify and rally a team of individuals who can commit to the cause. It is ideal to find people who are able to train together with those who have a shared goal and support.

First and foremost, hiring a highly experienced guide is key. Having an experienced guide during the climb is vital if you wish to reach the summit, remain safe, and stay healthy. Furthermore, it is beneficial to have a medical professional in the party, such as a medic, to provide training, insight, and advice to the group.

Matters of Mental Health

It is important to maintain an attitude of positivity throughout the climb and keep track of the team’s mental health. The climb can be equally as arduous as it is inspiring, so it is essential that the team monitors the state of mind of each of its participants.

Climbing as a team can offer excellent support during times of challenge and exhaustion, since friends and family members can be relied upon during difficult times. Additionally, breaks should be scheduled to take a breath, rest, and to battle the effects of altitude sickness. Monitoring the state of the position of the participants is essential for the successful completion of the climb.

Fundraising & Commitment to the Cause

The climb should also be used as an opportunity to fundraise for your cause. Working with a charity to arrange the climb can be an effective way to ensure the charitable contribution is being relayed to the intended cause or cause of choice.

Moreover, registering the climb is important to increase the reach of the fundraising, and provide assurance that the donations are as accurately tracked as possible. When selecting a charity to work with, some tips are to pick a group that operates with a low overhead rate and takes additional steps to monitor and show progress of the funds being used.

Equipment & Supplies

Good preparation is the key to making the climb successful. Since you need to pack the right gear, it is highly recommended to consult with experienced climbers or your guide to acquire an accurate list of items. Pack only the necessary items, being mindful of the weight.

Having the right gear and supplies will not only make the climb more pleasant and enjoyable, but also will reduce the chances of ill-fated tragedies due to miscalculation or incorrect gear. These items include sleeping bags, water, food, tents, and other items that can be found in any travel or camping store. Additional items may include first aid supplies and emergency items, such as a satellite phone, in case of emergency.

Conclusion of the Climb

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity is an incredibly rewarding and unique experience wherein climbers will have the opportunity to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. The feeling of accomplishment, the scenery, and the environment are truly unforgettable.

In the end, it is the hard work and dedication to the cause that will make a difference. With careful and extensive preparation along with fundraising, you and your team can come together to make an impact and support the cause that is most important to you.

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