How To Build Arc De Triomphe Simcity Buildit


Fans of the mobile game, Sim City Buildit, will know they have the power to create grand monuments and buildings in their own city. In this article, we explore the journey of building an Arc de Triomphe in the game, exploring the various rewards and strategies available to create this iconic structure.

Historical and aesthetic context

The Arc de Triomphe was built by Etienne-Jean to commemorate the greatness of French and Napoleonic armies. It is located in the centre of Paris and is a popular symbolic destination of respect and victory. In Sim City Buildit, this architectural work stands as a chic monument, lauded by tourists in the game.

Basics of building the Arc de Triomphe in Sim City Buildit

In order to build the Arc De Triomphe in Sim City Buildit, players must first complete three challenging levels before they unlock the structure. Each level requires simoleons, materials and goods.

In the first level, players must use up to 800 simoleons to build some necessary structures. The second level requires the gathering of 3 types of goods and 500 Materials. The third level asks players to fulfill the completion of 8 various characters that are available in the game.


There are numerous rewards attached to completion of building the Arc de Triomphe. Firstly, achieving the final level gives players a Grande Statue decoration. Upon placement, they will receive additional reward bonuses such as simoleons and items. Thus completing this construction provides an added boost to a city’s economics and infrastructure.

The structure is also an inherent aesthetic upgrade for players’ cities. Placing this majestic building in the town centre or near other monuments create a symbolic congregation of important locations.

Before you start construction

Before undertaking the levels required to build the Arc De Triomphe, players should ensure their city is in a suitable position. This entails having less pollution, well placed services roads, correctional facilities and a successful economy.

If the city has any of these issues, it is advised to sort out these problems before engaging in the construction. This is because having a healthy city brings a variety of rewards and a much easier construction process.

The right strategy

The key to building the Arc de Triomphe successfully is to have the right strategy. Although players may have the required items and money to complete the levels, it may not be enough.

Rather players should plan ahead and use their resources effectively. For instance they can use the pause feature of the game to plan out the construction and focus their resources on the areas that need the most boost. This ensures better progress and the structure can be completed quicker.

Expanded resources

The best way to stock up on the necessary resources is to combine both long term and short term investments. Firstly players should commit to long term investments in the game such as Designers, Cottages and Factories in order to ensure a flow of resources at regular intervals.

Additionally purchasable stock is also available with the use of Simcash. Once purchased, this stock can increase the pace of construction and provide the resources needed to move onto the next stages.

Given up? Here’s alternatives

For those who struggle with the completion of construction of the Arc de Triomphe, Sim City Buildit offers several alternatives that may provide similar results. These include the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben.

These structures also bring the same level of rewards and do not necessarily require a difficult construction process. Similarly, in the case of Big Ben, it acts as a city bulletin tower instead of a significant aesthetic upgrade.


The Arc de Triomphe stands as one of the grandest structures in Sim City Buildit. Although it requires difficulty and patience, the rewards are equally great. With the right strategy, resources and a healthy city, it is possible for players to fulfil their goal of building this impressive structure.

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