How Much Are Tickets To La Sagrada Familia

How Much Are Tickets To La Sagrada Familia?

La Sagrada Familia, a unique masterpiece of Catalan architecture, is one of the most visited monuments in Spain. Designed by renowned architect Antoni Gaudi, the basilica has captivated many visitors and left them in awe. It has become a symbol of Barcelona, and its tickets are highly sought after. But how much do tickets cost for La Sagrada Familia?

The most basic way to visit the basilica is through a regular ticket. The price starts at 15€ for an adult entry and 7.5€ concessions. These tickets provide guests access to the nave, museum, and crypt of the basilica, as well as the elevator access. For an additional 5€, private audio guides can be purchased upon entry. To make the attraction more accessible to all budgets, the basilica has introduced a new type of ticket in 2019. It is known as the Social Ticket and offers a 30% minimum discount for designated ticket categories. It can be used for the same entries as a regular ticket and also provides access to private audio guides.

Another type of ticket is the Gaudi Experience ticket. It is a combination of pre-booked confirmations and a complete guided tour of La Sagrada Familia and select Gaudi works. Prices for the Gaudi Experience start from 41.50€ for adult visits and 34.50€ for concessions. For the ultimate La Sagrada Familia experience, a special access ticket is also available. It offers a unique VIP entrance with guide and priority access, and costs 78€ per person.

The basilica is also offering special tickets as part of their Night Spectacular event. This unique event offers access to the entire basilica with a specialised light show and inspiring music. The Night Spectacular tickets start at 17.5€ and the enhanced VIP tickets cost 40€. Furthermore, the public can also visit free of charge in special occasions such as on the first Sunday of the month and on religious holidays.

The experience of visiting La Sagrada Familia is different for each visitor, with many citing a sense of awe and amazement. With tickets that are accessible to all, it is no wonder that the basilica is becoming one of the most iconic monuments in the world. It truly is an experience for all.

Sagrada Familia Tour Options

The La Sagrada Familia offers a wide variety of tour packages for everyone. The options range from private tours to specialised combo packages. The private tours are tailored to each guest’s needs and allow visitors to access the basilica with a partner, family, or group. Prices for private tours start at 310€ and can be up to 595€. They consist of a guided tour of the entire basilica, with a special walking tour of select Gaudi works. In addition to a guided tour, many packages feature customised extras such as access to the towers, personalized audiovisual material, and hotel pick-up services.

The combination packages are the perfect option for visitors who want to make the most of their visit. Such packages bundle together visits to various attractions, including combinations of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Gaudi House Museum, and Park Guell. Prices for these packages start from 127€ and can reach up to 252€. These packages provide visitors with a comprehensive overview of Gaudi’s works and influence throughout Barcelon. These packages also provide value for money by giving visitors access to multiple sites at discounted prices.

Sagrada Familia Tours For Kids

The La Sagrada Familia has a special package for their younger visitors. It provides parents with a comprehensive overview of the basilica while making the experience fun and engaging. The Kids Tour includes a fully guided tour with various activities suitable for children. This includes a scavenger hunt, interactive quiz, and drawing workshops. Prices for the Kids Tour start at 14.5€ and can reach up to 29€ depending on the package chosen. In addition to the Kids Tour, the basilica also offers free entry to children under the age of 8 with a supervising adult.

Planning Your Visit to La Sagrada Familia

Planning your visit to La Sagrada Familia can be a daunting task. It is important to plan tickets and tours well in advance to ensure that the experience is truly memorable. There is a wide range of tickets and tours available, and prices vary depending on the package and season. It is also important to research any special offers or discounts that may be available. The La Sagrada Familia also hosts special events throughout the year, such as their popular Light Spectacular event. It is best to plan ahead so that visitors can make the most of their visit.

Sagrada Familia Tour Options For Disabled Visitor

Private tours and specialised disability access tours are available to disabled visitors. The disability access tours provide visitors with a fully personalised tour based on their needs. They are conducted by trained professionals and offer a comprehensive overview of the basilica. Prices for disability access tours start at 39€ and can reach up to 78€ depending on the package chosen. Furthermore, the La Sagrada Familia has special needs entry doors, wheelchair access to the Great Nave, and specific elevators.

Sagrada Familia Souvenirs

The La Sagrada Familia gift shop is a must-visit for all visitors. It is geared towards adults and children alike, offering an array of books, souvenirs, and replica models. Souvenirs include mugs, postcards, keychains, and Gaudi figurines. The gift shop also offers an array of models and replicas of the basilica and its works. They range from small replicas to elaborate and detailed models. Prices range from around 3€-135€ depending on the item.

Conclusion Regarding How Much Are Tickets To La Sagrada Familia

Tickets for La Sagrada Familia range from 15€ for adult entry to 78€ for the VIP experience. The basilica also offers a range of tour options, such as private tours and combination packages. It is important to plan ahead, as tickets and tours may vary depending on the season or special offers. Visitors to the basilica are sure to leave with a memorable experience that can be perpetuated with souvenirs from the gift shop. With all these offerings, it is no surprise that La Sagrada Familia is one of the most iconic and visited monuments in the world.

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