How Far Are The Spanish Steps From The Trevi Fountain

  • How far are the Spanish Steps from the Trevi Fountain?

The Spanish Steps, located in the heart of Rome, represent one of the Eternal City’s most iconic sights, with the magnificent Trevi Fountain located about 0.5 km away, or a 10-minute walk. However, the two landmarks have had rather different beginnings. The Spanish Steps were constructed in the early 1700s, while the Trevi Fountain was built two hundred years later.

The Spanish Steps were commissioned by the French prince, Régis de Cinq-Mars, who wanted to connect the Piazza di Spagna to the church Trinità dei Monti situated above. This staircase, designed with the symmetrical steps seen today, was intended to serve as a link between the two sites, and the local Roman populace were soon captivated by its grandeur and beauty.

In contrast, the plans for the Trevi Fountain began in the mid 1700s, when Pope Clement XII commissioned Nicola Salvi to make use of an ancient Roman ‘terminal’ for its construction. Salvi himself was inspired by other Baroque exhibitions, such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers. Today, this stunning piece of architecture remains one of the world’s most celebrated fountains, and the perfect end to a day spent exploring the city of Rome.

The two landmarks have since become synonymous with the city. In 2014, during the Football World Cup, the Spanish Steps became a huge gathering place for locals and visitors alike to celebrate Italy’s win. Similarly, even today, the Trevi Fountain is a focal point for visitors, as it has been for many decades. Throwing a coin into the fountain is said to grant you a wish, while also ensuring that you will return to the Eternal City.

The Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain are both attractions that are essential to any visitor’s exploration of Rome, and the easy-to-access proximity between the two ensures that you can visit both during a single day. In the late morning or early afternoon, start your journey at the Spanish Steps and then, with lots of time to sightsee in between, finish your day with a visit to the majestic Trevi Fountain.

The Maintenance of the Spanish Steps and The Trevi Fountain

The maintenance of the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain are both of utmost importance to the city of Rome. The intricate steps of the Spanish Steps, and their impressive architecture, are always in need of attention in order to remain a favourite sight in the city. Similarly, the Trevi Fountain is regularly under inspection by professionals to ensure safety and preserve its grandeur, particularly after the huge earthquake that hit Rome in 2016.

In 2020, in light of the pandemic, Rome took on an important uphill effort to ensure essential works were carried out in a safe and timely manner. Particular attention was given to these two major tourist attractions. In particular, regular sanitising measures were implemented at the Spanish Steps, to prevent the spread of the virus.

The local authorities have since been working to repair any damage caused by the pandemic, as well as any ongoing wear and tear due to tourism.

The Long-standing Tradition of the Spanish Steps and The Trevi Fountain

The Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain are both integral parts of the local lore surrounding Rome. At the Trevi Fountain, visitors often think of Kirk Douglass and Anita Ekberg, who, at the height of the controversy over the Hollywoodization of Rome, created one of the most iconic scenes in cinema history. Similarly, the Spanish Steps have recently been part of the celebration of Italy’s more modern cinematic genius, Sergio Leone.

The two monuments have been immortalised as symbols of the city of Rome, whether it be through their inclusion in popular films, their roles in ancient tales, or their featured regularly in depictions of Rome throughout the ages. Even still today, locals and visitors alike flock to the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain to marvel at their particular beauty, each respectful of those that have come before.

The Spanish-Steps and Trevi Fountain: A Day Out in Rome

Visiting the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain during a day out in Rome is a memory to carry with you for the rest of your life. Whether you are simply taking in the sights, or engaging in some of the activities, the sheer beauty of these places cannot be denied. Get up close and admire the intricate sculptures found at the Trevi Fountain, take a few photographs of the Spanish Steps, have a cup of vintage Italian coffee at one of the nearby cafes, or doing a little bit of shopping on the charming boutiques of the surrounding area, you will have a truly memorable day if you manage to visit both landmarks.

Walking Between The Spanish Steps and The Trevi Fountain

Walking between the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain provides an opportunity to explore some of the many alleyways and narrow roads that form the heart of Rome’s archetypal glories. From the start at the Spanish Steps, past the beautiful churches and basilicas that dot the area, to the famous gelaterias and cafes, you will be able to appreciate the old-world charm of the Eternal City as you pass through its hidden gems. Take a few moments to admire the ancient Roman aqueducts and the cityscape, with the Appian Way, Rome’s most ancient road, in the distance.

The Surrounding Area of the Spanish Steps and The Trevi Fountain

The Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain are located in the heart of the city. To the southwest lies the Borghese Gardens, where green spaces frame the lively Piazza di Popolo, and to the northeast the Museum of Modern Art offers those interested in contemporary art specially curated exhibitions. Alternatively, to the east, visitors can explore the authentic Roman market, Campo de’ Fiori, or take in the view from the terrace of Castel Sant’Angelo.

The streets leading to the two landmarks are also filled with treasures, both old and new. As you approach the Spanish Steps, you will spot talented street performers, while at the Trevi Fountain you will find vendors selling traditional souvenirs, handmade jewelry, and knickknacks.


The Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain are iconic landmarks in Rome and must-see tourist attractions. These monuments have captivated travellers from around the world for centuries, and have become symbols of the city’s ancient beauty. From the grand staircase of the Spanish Steps to the majestic Trevi Fountain, these two monuments are only a short walk away from each other, enabling visitors to easily take in both during a single day. Both requiring constant repairs and maintenance due to their popularity, the local authorities have worked hard to ensure that these monuments remain intact and vibrant for future tourists to appreciate. Rome is nothing without its iconic Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain.

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