Can You Store Luggage At Pompeii

Pompeii has emerged as a fascinating yet mysterious mix of the ancient past and modern present. Visitors from all over the world have been captivated by its ruins and iconic buildings. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy, known for its original buildings, cobbled streets and vivid murals. But is there a way to store your luggage while exploring the archaeological site? The answer is yes – visitors can find a secure place to store their luggage at Pompeii.

The National Archaeological Museum of Pompeii offers free baggage storage for visitors. The facility is available for a maximum of three hours, so visitors need to check their bags in advance. All bags must be registered at the information desk before being checked in. It is also advisable to bring a valid ID when dropping off the luggage. The museum staff will provide visitors with a ticket, which they need to use when picking up their items.

Next to the entrance to Pompeii there is an independent storage facility called ”Stow It”. It offers secure lockers at an hourly rate of 3 euro. The lockers are available during the opening hours of the archaeological site and accept credit cards and cash. Stow It also provides a free shuttle service to and from the main entrance, making it a convenient option for visitors.

Hotels, hostels and B&Bs located in the vicinity of the site usually offer services such as luggage storage to their guests. It is advisable to enquire with the reception staff before booking a room. Alternatively, visitors can hire a private storage service. These services are available on a daily basis and charge fees for storing bags for varying periods of time. The fees depend on the size and number of bags, as well as on the duration of the storage.

When travelling around the ruins of Pompeii, visitors must be aware of any restrictions on bringing bags, food and drinks. Certain rules apply for entering the archaeological site, and visitors must conform to the regulations set by the authorities. Furthermore, visitors must be aware of any additional items of interest that they may wish to take with them, as the archaeological site and the museums are officially closed during the night.

Overall, visitors to Pompeii need to consider the options available to them when it comes to luggage storage. There are a number of options, whether they opt for the on-site, Stow It or private services. No matter the option, it is important to ensure that bags are kept safe and secure while exploring the ancient site.

Safety Measures

When leaving your belongings in a storage facility, it is important to take all necessary safety precautions. Visitors should notify the staff about the amount of luggage they have, and details such as the size, type and quantity should be provided. It is important to check that the storage area is supervised and secure and that the lockers are of a suitable size for storing bags. Furthermore, visitors should make sure that the lockers have a reliable locking system, and that all items are accessed by a unique key. To add a further layer of protection, visitors can opt for additional locks for their items for extra security.

It is also important to note that the storage facility should be situated in a secure and well-lit area, where the staff is available to assist with any questions. Visitors should also ensure that the facility has information available on how to handle lost items and theft. Furthermore, visitors should make sure that they receive a receipt or a signed confirmation when they check-in their items in the storage facility.

Cost-Effective Options

Although the hourly rate of some private storage services may be quite expensive, there are still some cost-effective options available. Visitors can opt for free storage facilities, such as those provided by the archaeological museum and Stow It. Furthermore, hotels and hostels located in the vicinity of the archaeological site often offer storage services for their guests. Additionally, some tour operators may offer luggage storage services for visitors who have booked a package tour.

Moreover, when travelling on a shoestring budget, visitors can also take advantage of cheaper options. For instance, some supermarkets near the archaeological site might offer lockers for a low fee. Additionally, it is always possible to enlist the help of a local, who could be hired to watch over the bags for a small fee.

Tips and Pitfalls

Visitors should remember that not all storage services offer the same security level, so they should always do their research and choose the option that best suits their needs. When storing items at the National Archaeological Museum, visitors should be aware that the facility is open only during the opening hours of the museum. Furthermore, it is advisable to bring a valid ID when checking-in and picking up items. Hotels and hostels are also required to keep a record of all guests and the items they store. Visitors should also remember to bring all necessary documents when checking-in.

It is important to note that storage facilities are not always reliable and bags may be misplaced or even stolen. When opting for budget options, visitors should always ask for written confirmations or receipts, which should be presented when collecting the items. Furthermore, visitors should check that the storage facility is well-lit, secure and supervised by the staff.

Additional Services

Apart from offering luggage storage services, some facilities may also provide additional services. For instance, the National Archaeological Museum of Pompeii offers assistance to visitors with disabilities, as well as emergency medical care. Moreover, visitors may be able to buy guidebooks and maps from the museum shop. Other facilities may also provide services such as Wi-Fi access, currency exchange, toiletries and even a laundry service.

Some storage services may even provide visitors with transport to and from the archaeological site. Visitors should enquire about these services before booking a storage facility, as some require booking in advance. Furthermore, visitors should check the cost and make sure that the transport service is reliable and safe.


All in all, there are a number of options available to travellers who wish to store their luggage while exploring Pompeii. While the on-site facility at the National Archaeological Museum of Pompeii offers free storage, Stow It and private services are also available. It is important to take all necessary safety measures when storing items, and visitors should consider the restrictions in place when travelling around the archaeological site. Therefore, travelers should consider their options carefully and find the best solution to safely store their items while at the iconic ancient city.

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